HOdds stands for Horticultural Odds (chances) and operates in high-tech horticulture. Commissioned by customers HOdds conducts marketing projects and is searching for market opportunities/ new varieties and for process and product optimization in the horticultural chain.

Therefore HOdds conducts market research, (sensory) consumer research and follows up trials. HOdds collects, processes and analyses data and translates data to practical conclusions and recommendations, product positioning and/or together with the customer to strategy. Our activities and services aim to keep companies informed so they can make well-founded strategic, tactical and operational decisions and increase their odds of success. The information can also help you to convince your customer and  to develop your communication towards your customers.

HOdds has knowledge of genetics, cultivation, product and the horticultural chain. Combining this knowledge leads to a higher efficiency, synergy of information value and a better understanding of causal links. This increases the chance of new insights and can be of added value to chain projects.

HOdds has 15 years of experience in the horticultural chain, including the Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture (LTO), breeding companies, growers to retail. We also maintain close connections with research institutions, advisors and suppliers. HOdds keeps up to date with market developments and has a thorough understanding of the different working procedures within chain.

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